About Us

Promotores Comunitarios de Desierto (PCD), is a community organization founded early in 2010, evolving from a neighbor committee from a Thermal Mobile Home Park, with the objective of helping to improve environmental health conditions disproportionately affecting the East Coachella Valley, and to bring education and awareness to them in a variety of issues, including health access, environmental justice and civic engagement. Initially, the headquarters of PCD were located in Thermal, and later on relocated to Mecca, both unincorporated east valley communities.

PCD has a strong foundation in the promotora model for outreach and gaining access to the latino community in the East Valley, taking into account the cultural context of the residents, being the bridge between agencies, groups or services and the residents.

PCD has been involved in several environmental justice efforts that include:

  • The Western Environmental Inc. incident in Mecca, and Lawson Dump in Thermal.
  • The community-backed effort regarding the application of AB1318 Air Pollution mitigation funds
  • The 4th Environmental Health Leadership Summit in Imperial Valley as a partner (2011)
  • The Inaugural Eastern Coachella Valley Environmental Health Leadership Summit (2013)
  • The 5th Environmental Health Leadership Summit in Imperial Valley as part of the Steering Committee (2013)
  • The 2nd Environmental Health Leadership Summit in Coachella Valley (2014)

The Executive Director of PCD served as the Coachella Valley Environmental Justice Enforcement Task Force’s Community Co-chair from April 2012 to April 2014.

The Outreach coordinator served as a Mecca Community Council member.

As of April 2014, the HQ of Promotores Comunitarios del Desierto is located at Chiriaco Summit.


The original logo of PCD was based on an original drawing of Elisa Guevara, founder of the group, with art provided by Alejandra Hernandez. It represents the Coachella Valley’s agricultural fields, and the hands in it represent promotores (also called Health Navigators or Community Health Workers) taking care of the community as a whole. Final details and text were done by Eduardo Guevara.