Claudia Guevara, Outreach Coordinator

  • Position: Outreach Coordinator

Claudia Guevara (nee Figueroa) has been a promotora all of her adult life, and only knew that what she had been doing had a name when she became involved in projects of a group that later became Promotores Comunitarios del Desierto (PCD).

She moved to the Coachella valley in 2005 with her family, and in less than a year she was already providing translation services when needed. She had volunteered for organizations like El Sol, Lideres Campesinas, PCD and others, and was involved in the 2010 Census process on 2009 and 2010.

When the air quality incidents in Mecca at the end of 2010 (that affected her because she has asthma)prompted her husband Eduardo Guevara to make the transition from a behind-the-scenes technical support to a full blown activist for PCD in the environmental justice area (and their son following suit)she saw as a natural step to also get involved in the movement.

Through Eduardo, she knew someone from Planned Parenthood that invited her to join the promotoras group they have here in the valley. Having a son that is about to enter the teenager stage, she thought that the topics were relevant not only to her but to the people around her. Her work has taken her to the State Capitol in Sacramento, to fight for the right to reproductive health and the women’s right to choose. In the second promotores Conference in DSCN4893UCR Palm Desert last October 2012, she was a panelist in a plenary session regarding the promotora model, speaking of the barriers promotores find in their daily work, and how they overcome them. Due to her work, she was awarded the “Promotora del Año” recognition from Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, Coachella Valley. She resigned to PPPSW in September 2013.

Being concerned about the air quality in the valley, she was part of a small task force that fought for funding from AB1318 to not only stay in the valley but also to be used in community-oriented projects, traveling more than once to Diamond Bar, to the AQMD offices. She participated in the planning committee of  the first Coachella Valley Environmental Health Leadership Summit, and was part of the Steering Committeeon the 5th Imperial Valley Environmental Health Leadership Summit. At the moment, she actively participates in the planning and future implementation of the 2nd summit in Coachella.

She served in the Mecca Community Council for a brief period until her family relocated to Chiriaco Summit, and now she serves in the board of directors of the Chiriaco Summit Water District.

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