Eduardo Guevara II



Eduardo Guevara II, or junior as he is sometimes called, is the youngest member of PCD.

Affected directly in his lifestyle when Mecca was in turmoil because of the -at the time – unexplained problems with air quality, had his first encounter with a public event during an AQMD meeting in Saul Martinez Elementary, when he was in 3rd grade in Mecca Elementary School. Inspired by a fellow resident, CJ , and fueled by fear that his mother, suffering asthma , had to go to a hospital’s ER again, wrote a quick note and filled a card asking to speak in the microphone. After reading his short but direct message, he went on to express his desire to have it entered in the public record of the meeting, delivering the note to Dr. Barry Wallerstein himself that day.

After that, he participated one way or another in PCD’s efforts in the valley, either during outreach, or as a photographer or translator. At his short age, he had been interviewed for printed media and public radio.

480560_570437236305034_1678948211_nHis endeavors took him again to an AQMD session, this time in Diamond Bar, during the final stages of the AB1318 mitigation Funds assignment, not once but twice, first to read a letter he wrote himself (and following the tradition, requesting it to be entered in the public records), and a second time to read a letter on behalf of Eduardo Guevara Sr.

He actively participated in the implementation of the Inaugural Environmental Health Leadership Summit for the Eastern Coachella Valley, and in the Imperial valley’s 5th EJ Summit in November 2, 2013.