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RED DE REPORTEO AMBIENTAL – IVAN Deployments in Fresno and Kern

Cesar Campos, coordinador de las redes de reporteo ambiental en los condados Californianos de Kern y Fresno habla sobre la importancia de reportar incidentes peligrosos o nocivos para la salud.

Public Health Department releases long-delayed report on pesticides near schools.

by Sara Rubin In 2010, 20 percent of public school students in the most agriculturally intensive areas of Monterey County went to schools that are located within a quarter mile of carcinogenic pesticide applications. Twenty-two percent were at schools within

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Advocates and activists allege environmental racism in the Coachella Valley

Toxic waste dumps. Poor air quality. And the slow death of the Salton Sea. The Eastern Coachella Valley has serious environmental problems – and now locals are getting involved. Recently several hundred people gathered at a high school in Thermal,

Coaxing the Coachella Valley to Sign Up for Insurance

By Suzanne Potter The Inland Empire is on track to meet the state’s goal of enrolling 76,069 people from the region into plans from the Covered California insurance exchange, according to figures just released.  Enrollment hit 39,474 during the first

A Mobile Medical Home: Vans Bring the Clinic to Patients

By Amy DePaul A guitarist plucked a folksy melody as families strolled around Irvine’s Great Park on a recent Sunday. That’s when Araceli Lopez from Lake Forest spotted the Smile Mobile, a fully equipped RV that brings dental services to

Activists, Refinery Neighbors Start to Monitor Air Quality

Hemmed in by the nation’s busiest container shipping port and highways heavy with truck traffic, surrounded by refineries, Los Angeles’ Wilmington neighborhood ranks as one of the most polluted in the state. But here, air quality regulators cite a promising

Palm Tree Trimming Tragedy – A New ‘Digital Story’ for Workers’ Memorial Day

Palm Tree Trimming Tragedy – A New ‘Digital Story’ for Workers’ Memorial Day When Roberto Garcia’s mother asked him not to go to work on June 9, 2012, the 35-year-old tree trimmer told her the task would not take long. 

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Next to Coachella’s Party Goers Is Crushing Poverty

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is held on a polo field lined by palm trees that are surrounded by rolling desert hills that reflect the warm sunset every evening. But a short drive from the festival is East

2nd Incarnation of the EHLS in the valley is taking shape

Spending the weekends planning, designing, working, thinking, having eight hours of sleep (not daily, in the whole Friday-Sunday period), sounds kind of crazy. Driving back and forth from one county to the neighboring one, ending up at home around 6am

Witness to Courageous Indignation: A Story of Farmworkers in Mecca, CA

Witness to Courageous Indignation: A Story of Farmworkers in Mecca, CA March 9, 2014 By Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez Over 8,577 farmworkers live in the community of Mecca, California. They include men who work from sunrise to sunset under scorching sun to