2nd Incarnation of the EHLS in the valley is taking shape


Spending the weekends planning, designing, working, thinking, having eight hours of sleep (not daily, in the whole Friday-Sunday period), sounds kind of crazy.

Driving back and forth from one county to the neighboring one, ending up at home around 6am just to have to be at work at 9, and then get out from work and repeat, sounds even more crazy.

But when you start to visualize the wire-frame of the event coming together, and little by little the people committed to the project starts putting everything together, being the result bigger than the sum of all its parts, it all makes sense.

The Steering Committee Core Members had been working and now the group will start working in full throttle, finishing the details of the agenda, speakers, and putting up the event’s website. The Zero Team will be soon joined by the other cells of the project and everything will start to move faster: April 1st marks the “Overdrive” phase start, and things look better and better every day.

By the community , and for the community, this year’s summit is now around the corner – mark your calendars for May 24, 2014.

For volunteering and sponsorship opportunities, please email Luis Olmedo at comitecivico@sbcglobal.net.

See you at DMHS on May 24th!


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