EJ Summit

The Environmental Health Leadership Summit is a series of events that have as a mission to provide a neutral platform for the community, government agencies decision makers and elected officials to interact and exchange information that will benefit the community and the region as a whole.

The Environmental Health Leadership Summit model has five main goals:

  1. Awareness: Increase awareness of new and on going issues impacting the health of the community by ensuring that environmental health is a priority at the local, state and federal levels, engaging diverse partners, and using media to reach broad-based audiences.
  2. Leadership: Link Coachella Valley’s work with the regional and national environmental health and justice movements.
  3. Systems Change: Provide a platform for dialogue between community residents and government agencies to address environmental health issues and concerns and informing development and implementation of policies that create the social, environmental and economic conditions to live, work, and play in a healthy community.
  4. Cultural and linguistic competency: Promote respect for cultural and linguistic diversity and promote education, research, and training that is sensitive to the cultural and language needs of the community.
  5. Data, research, and evaluation: Document Coachella Valley’s environmental health and justice issues, disseminate knowledge generated by research, and develop long-term relationships to successfully implement action research in the community.